National Farmers Union, Climate Change and Agricultural Resource Center, 7/30/2020

EDITOR’s NOTE: With this news posting, we introduce the National Farmers Unions’ (NFU) special focus on policies, programs and political action related to Climate Chante National Farmers Union (NFU). Readers may expect My Rural America to routinely our news to NFU’s Resource Center.

“The effects of climate change are becoming clear across rural America. Rising average temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, changing growing seasons, increasingly frequent and severe weather events, and rising sea levels are making it more difficult to grow food, fuel, and fiber. These difficulties will only intensify over time.

“However, farmers and ranchers have immense power to address this crisis — as many already are. They have implemented conservation practices that build soil health, which make the land more resilient and help to sequester carbon. They are also producing renewable energy, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels….”

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