Brookings — COVID-19 Series, William H. Frey, 9/14/2020

“As November’s presidential election approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the nation has become a main focus of the campaign. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has billed it as his top issue, underscoring the toll it has taken on public health and the economy under the current administration and promising to give it his full attention if elected. In contrast, President Trump has downplayed the pandemic, conspicuously presiding over rallies without donning a face mask, seemingly to diminish fears of contracting the virus….

“The analysis presented below shows that COVID-19 spread much more dramatically during the height of the summer to states, counties, and, in particular, small towns and rural areas that voted for Trump in the 2016 election.
“A summer spread in red states…”

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Editor’s note: In the last two weeks, Iowa and South Dakota have risen to be #1 in COVID-19. Both have governors who have refused to order their states to wear masks and take other precautions.

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