“These recommendations include:

  • “Providing voluntary, incentive-based tools for farmers, ranchers and forest owners to maximize the sequestration of carbon and the reduction of other greenhouse gas emissions as well as increase the resilience of the land.
  •  “Supporting the development of and overseeing private sector markets for GHG credits.
     “Promoting public and private sector tools to incentivize farmers, ranchers, and forest owners to prioritize and scale climate-smart practices.
  • “Offering incentives for farmers to reduce energy consumption, increase use of on-farm renewable energy, and make continued progress toward reducing the lifecycle GHG emissions of agriculture- and forestry-based renewable energy.
  • “Streamlining consumer-facing packaging and implementing a public-private partnership to reduce the GHG impact of food waste and loss within the food value chain.
  • “Increasing federal investment in agriculture, forestry, and food-related research substantially and continuously. …”

Read more: https://agclimatealliance.com/

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