Washington Post, John Wagner, 7/29/2020

“‘…I have never discussed it with him, no,’ Trump said during a taping of ‘Axios on HBO’. He said he did not bring up the issue during his most recent conversation with Putin, which incurred in the past week, and which Trump said was ‘a phone call to discuss other things’….

“…some of Trump’s own senior intelligence officers [have] viewed the information as credible enough to warn the Pentagon and allies so they could insure they had measures in place to protect their forces in Afghanistan and to begin developing options for responding to Russian operation, national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien said earlier in the month….”

Editor’s Note: We find this new story particularly troublesome. Rural Americans carry a disproportionate burden during war times, e.g., in 2008, 62% of the soldiers who died in the Afghan/Iraq wars came from rural America. This statistic reflects that rural America provided about 62% of the soldiers serving in the U.S. military, as compared to more urban regions of the U.S. (Carsey School of Public Policy, University of New Hampshire.)

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-says-he-has-not-spoken-to-putin-about-alleged-russian-bounties-on-us-troops/2020/07/29/c8037944-d186-11ea-8c55-61e7fa5e82ab_story.html

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