WE BELIEVE IN HELPING OUR NEIGHBORS. With the goal of joining leaders in the fight to help Rural America’s families, My Rural America identifies documented news stories intended to help Rural Americans grow to be stronger fighters in the battle to protect rural families, our land, and our future. To do so, we must first build a foundation based on truth and honesty. The information – the “bricks” for the foundations we build, must be strong and truthful if we are to win support for our families, the future of our children, and the security of our nation.

This “fight” is critical for the future of rural citizens and families.   Our mission is to promote an informed and engaged rural citizenry and to correct non-factual information, consistently communicating how changes in policies benefit rural jobs, education, and healthcare for all. See fact-checking tools in our Resources section.


Key trends affecting rural America’s need for prosperity include:

The “news gap”, including the growth of unverified “news” through social media, anecdotes and conspiracy theories.

Growing economic development challenges, like fair trade and exports, resulting in fewer good jobs.

Increased need for health care, good schools, and the danger of growing poverty.

Bigger and more frequent weather disruptions that endanger  ability to produce the food and fiber that feed our nation and our world.


We pledge in our value proposition to stay current with research and issues in rural America.
And to share this knowledge with rural Americans so that we can work together to:

credit- USDA

Help build a stronger economy and develop rural jobs

Identify, network with and empower local leaders

Use social media and technology as well as traditional outreach


We believe in the value of rural America.  We understand there is a need to build a bridge of understanding between rural America and urban America, so that All of America may prosper.

The founders and staff of My Rural America bring experience from all parts of the United States.  Each has served as an opinion leader and a policymaker.  Having been farmers, employees in food processing, political leaders and professionals who have served their communities, working in health care, Land Grant Universities and non-profits, we are committed to sharing our experience and our wide breadth of contacts and documented information


We believe we must listen to rural America and respond to local interests and needs.

We believe that it is essential for accurate information to reach rural Americans in spite of the dangerous “News Gap” that isolates and threatens rural families.   We understand that rural Americans cannot make wise decisions about their families without accurate information.

In 2006 and 2008, My Rural America worked in the rural regions of multiple states and we got results!  As we identified rural leaders who worried over the rural economy, the lack of rural jobs and affordable health care and/or the dangerous weather disruptions, we helped them lead their friends and relation … so that all could benefit from accurate information.  Together we rallied individuals to participate in our democracy.  Progressives responded in participating in states from Virginia and North Carolina to Wyoming and New Mexico … and in the Appalachian regions of our country as well.


My Rural America offers partnership and a strong value proposition.  We work to assist local leaders move forward to help their communities.  We offer truth, and a plan for a stronger rural economy, one which with implementation, will result in a stronger nation and a safer world.