American Family Voices, Public Policy Polling – Jim Williams, 10/14/2020

74% of Americans want Congress to break up Big Tech monopolies

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Editor’s Note: Accountability for Big Tech would make it harder for conspiracy organizations like Proud Boys and QAnon who use organizations like Facebook to spread their lies and organize activity against the U.S. government., 10/12/2020

“…Notably, this crisis has deepened some of the challenges that were already confronting rural America, such as a lack of access to health care, unreliable broadband, and the chronic underfunding of public schools.
“Biden knows we need to get serious about defeating the pandemic, dig out from the worst jobs crisis in nearly a century, and rebuild the middle class so everyone comes along. He believes this is no time to just build back to the way things were before – this is the moment to build a new rural American economy for our families and the next generation….”

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Editor’s Note: My Rural America will publish President Trump’s plan for rural America if/when he publishes one. At the moment, the Trump campaign has no platform and makes no promises.

The New York Times, 10/12/2020

“Here’s what you need to know:

“‘This is probably not about persuading each other.’ Senators began four days of contentious hearings. … Republicans and Democrats competed to define Judge Barrett…. The coronavirus pandemic shaped the proceeding. For Judiciary Committee Democrats, the Affordable Care Act was center stage. … Blumenthal called on Judge Barrett to recuse herself from any election-related cases….”

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The New York Times, Alan Rappaport, 10/12/2020

“Despite an extraordinary government bailout, America’s agricultural sector remains under severe economic pressure….

“…Farmers have been clobbered financially during the last two years, as Mr. Trump’s trade wars with China and Europe led to tariffs on American agricultural exports, including corn, soybeans, lobsters and peanuts. Then, this year, the pandemic interfered with global supply chains, and restaurant and hotel closures sapped demand.

Farmers were forced to dump milk into manure pits and destroy millions of pounds of beans and cabbage.
“Nearly every major sector of the farm economy will have lower cash receipts this year compared to last year, and total cash receipts will be the lowest since 2010,” John Newton, the American Farm Bureau’s chief economist….”

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The New York Times, Margot Sanger-Katz, Amy Goodnough, 10/10/2020

“The share of children with health coverage in the United Staes fell for the third consecutive year in 2019, according to census data, after decades of increases.

The decline occurred during a period of economic growth — before the coronavirus pandemic caused broad job losses that might have cost many more Americans their health insurance….”

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Boston Globe, Matt Burg, 10/10/2020

“…Lonnie Durfee, 49, of Dalton, PA, is facing charges of burning personal property in connection with the blaze, police said Saturday morning. He will be arraigned at Central Berkshire District Court on Tuesday….”

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Fox News, Marisa Schultz, 10/10/2020

“…Protesters organized through the group Shutdown DC accused DeJoy, a prolific GOP donor and President Trump ally, of trying to sabotage the postal service and undermine the 2020 election that will rely heavily on mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic….”

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Editor’s Note: Fox News reported on August 14: The USPS has warned 46 states that it cannot guarantee mail-in ballots will arrive in time for the election. On a personal note — your editor mailed her absentee ballot request from D.C. to Iowa 17 days ago. The county auditor had not received it as of two days ago; she has made a second request.

The display in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton was set on fire on Friday, Oct. 9, 2020

Penn-Live Patriot News, Michelle Williams, 10/10/2020

“…The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Dicken Crane, the farm’s owner, believes it was an intentional act.

“‘Take long,’ Crane posted on Facebook alongside a photo captured of the fire. ‘It’s actually hard to believe anyone who says they love this country would do this.'”

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Barrons’ – Economy and Politics, Justin Farrell, Kathryn McConnell, Paul Burow. 10/9/2020

“Covid-19 hot spots continue to spread across rural America. Meanwhile, back in Washington, D.C., President Donald Trump told lawmakers this week to stop debating proposals for the next federal relief bill. That debate couldn’t be more urgent….

“At the core of this high-stakes debate is a narrative as American as apple pie: the ideal of ‘Main Street America” inhabited by the ‘everyman’ who, as the narrative goes, doesn’t want government handouts, they want to work—and government welfare risks luring them into complacency. They… oppose big government and decline federal assistance….

“Our survey results showed an astonishing degree of support for sustaining—and often actually increasing—the amount of federal aid spending across a range of areas. And this is true in a region where self-identified Republicans outnumber Democrats by a margin of 2 to 1…”

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