Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan, 4/20/2020

“Kathryn Foxhall remembers when reporters could call up any doctor or researcher oat the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ask them questions on record…. Suddenly the filter between journalists and experts become even more opaque – and much politicized. Who got to speak publicly, including to the new media, was controlled by Vice President Pence’s office after he was put in charge of the administration’s pandemic response.

“[Foxhall] told me what’s happening amounts to a “gag order” on the very experts that the public needs to hear from directly. And it may be a violation of constitutionally protected free speech….”

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Washington Post, Paul Farhi, 4/17/2020

“A new research report from a leading journalism organization says President Trump’s attach of the news media have endangered American democracy and imperiled press freedom in other countries…

“…a lengthy list of Trump’s anti-press behaviors, from repeated\ly tarring credible reporting with charges of “fake news” to trying to bar reporters from the White House, to scrubbing or withholding information from government websites …. [are documented].”

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