Our work is based on these Three Pillars

Research and Sharing Verified News

Identification of Rural America’s Opinion Leaders

Empowerment for Rural America’s Leadership

photo by Steve McFarland


We learn from each other.  Trust matters.  In 2016, rural Americans were left out of the conversation.  Now, we also know they were deceived.  My Rural America checks the facts and double-checks the facts.  We understand rural America’s challenges, and we also understand how some Members of Congress have forgotten where they come from.

At My Rural America, we analyze rural America’s needs and we look for solutions.  The needs are clear.  We need fair trade and better jobs – good jobs!  We need stronger public education and affordable community colleges and universities.  We need easily accessible, quality health care and the ability to pay for this health care with affordable insurance.  We understand that one out of eleven jobs come from agriculture, and see the need for strategies to help us deal with both fluctuating prices and the growing number of weather disruptions – disruptions that endanger Rural America’s greatest source of wealth, i.e., its ability to produce the food and fiber that feed our country and the world.

photo Gerry Dincher

In Search of Opinion Leaders

At My Rural America, we search for people who care about the challenges of rural America.  We reach out to the leaders of rural small towns and the successful businesses in their communities.  We share information and we help these leaders to meet their neighbors – in town, down the road, and next door in the adjacent county.

We offer verified information that can be truthful, and we respond with facts to the twisted, deliberately misinformed “fake news” that has been pushed through the Internet and on television.  Our goal is to help rural Americans discern the difference, and to offer opportunities to learn more about how progressive policies can help rural Americans share in our nation’s wealth.

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Knowledge is power.  Learning about how specific legislation can help us … or will hurt us … offers the opportunity to hold rural America’s elected officials accountable.  When My Rural America shares its trusted information with new and existing opinion leaders in rural America, we support these leaders to become stronger voices … voices which demand accountability from their elected officials.